2023/2024 Meal Plan Options

Students who live within residence are required to have a meal plan and StFX offers a variety of options, depending on the residence style and your eating preferences. Determine which residence style is for you, then see your meal plan and dining options below. If you would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the plan you have already selected, please visit the Residence Office during office hours. If you have a question about the meal plans offered, please visit the Morrison Hall or visit the Residence Office. How To Buy… 

How To Buy: 

Please note that you can upgrade a meal plan at any time during the academic year but the last day to decrease a meal plan is  October 6th, 2023

Food Allergies:
StFX Campus Food Services is committed to meeting the needs of students who require assistance to address medical challenges involving allergens. In partnership with each student who has allergies, we will work closely to ensure that all nutritional needs are being met while avoiding any allergens.

Bishops, Cameron, MacKinnon, MacIsaac, Riley and Mount Saint Bernard Residences

  • 315 Meals per Year + $350 Declining Cash Balance & 10 Guest Passes = $5,340 (No Tax)
  • 415 Meals per Year + $350 Declining Cash Balance & 20 Guest Passes = $6,060 (No Tax)
  • Unlimited Meals + $350 Declining Cash Balance & 30 Guest Passes = $6,410 (No Tax)

Riley Hall (Returning Students Only)

  • 155 Meals per Academic Year + $600 Declining Cash Balance = $3,700 (Tax Included)

Governors Hall/O'Regan Hall (Returning Students Only)

  • $1000 Declining Cash Balance = $1000 (No Tax)

Apartments DCB 

  • $1000 Declining Cash Balance = $1000 (No Tax)

Living off-campus & interested in a meal plan?  We've got you covered!

  • 10 Meals/year + $100 DCB = $240 (Tax Included)
  • 50 Meals/year + $100 DCB = $765 (Tax Included)
  • 75 Meals/year + $100 DCB = $1090 (Tax Included)
  • 100 Meals/year + $100 DCB = $1370 (Tax Included)
  • 155 Meals Block + $600 Declining Cash Balance = $3,700 (Tax Included)
  • 5 Meals/week 1st term =$960
  • 5 Meals/week 2nd term =$995
  • 5 Meals/week Full =$1950

Declining Cash Balance or declining balance is a debit system that allows students to purchase items at various cafes throughout campus. Additional blocks of taxable DCB can be purchased in $50 increments.

Add DCB dollars to your Deb-X Account today!