Frequently Asked Questions

No problem. StFX has meal options for students living off-campus as well! Click here to view your options.

Consists of the 315, 415, and Unlimited. Declines with each use (swipe). At the end of the year any unused meals expire. It is the only meal plan that comes with guest passes. For returning students living in Riley or O'Regan Halls, the minimum meal plan option is 155 Block + $600 DCB. The 155 Block plan is not available for first year students.
Taxable declining balance is funds available on your student card for use at the StFX food outlets. Purchases are subject to sales tax.
  • Taxable declining balance is available for purchase throughout the academic year
  • Additional taxable declining balance purchased remaining (over $20) at the end of the end of the academic year is refundable less a $15 administration fee.
  • All DCB dollars that are a part of a meal plan expire at the end of the academic year.
  • Taxable DCB associated with the minimum meal plan commitment for Governors & apartments is non refundable at the end of the academic year.
Non taxable declining balance is funds available on your student card for use at the StFX food outlets. Purchases are not subject to sales tax.
  • Non taxable DCB can be used to purchase only items that are made on campus. For example; salads, bagels, muffins, coffee, soup.
  • Non taxable DCB is available for purchase before the academic year begins. Only to students who will carry a full board plan (315, 415, Unlimited meals per year) are eligible to purchase this type.
  • All meal plans and DCB dollars that are part of a meal plan are non refundable (with the exception of academic withdrawal, please see University Housing Contract for more detail).
  • Non taxable DCB cannot be transferred to taxable
  • Presentation of your student (meal) card is required for all transactions.
  • You cannot lend or borrow your card and meals are non transferable.
  • Lost meal cards should be reported immediately to the University Housing Office. Please go to Security to have a replacement student ID/meal card printed. The cost is $20.

You can purchase your meal plan by visiting the STFX Housing during office hours or contact them via or (902) 867-5106. 

DCB stands for Declining Cash balance and it works like a debit card. You can us your DCB at any food service retail location on campus and you can use DCB to get into Morrison Hall (meal Hall). You can check your DCB balance by asking a cashier in any of our food service locations. You can reload your DCB at any time by contacting residence services at or (902) 867-5106. 
Fill our our allergy form and we will set up a meeting with our executive chef to figure out the best way to accommodate your restrictions to allow for a healthy dining experience. Visit our Health & Wellness page to learn more about dining health & wellness on campus.