Supporting our Campus

March 04, 2019

Saint Francis Xavier University has a unique Student Food Resource Center, SFRC, that focuses on making sufficient and healthy diets accessible to all students. The SFRC is a free, confidential and accessible service to any student who needs it. One of SFRC’s key functions is operating he on campus student food bank.

Each summer, student volunteers dedicate tiring hours in the garden to yield fresh produce that will be available throughout the year.  We are happy to announce that for the last 2 years Sodexo has matched, per pound, the produce from the garden. We are ecstatic that we can honour the work that these students have put in and support the campus community that we have been a part of for 30 years.  Our staff dedicated part of their casual Friday fund to the SFRC which was then matched by Sodexo’s Stop Hunger foundation making a total donation of over $1800.00. This donation will help supply initiatives like Kevin’s corner.